July 2020

#TopDeversiFiTrader Competition — A Retrospective.

We recently launched the #TopDeversiFiTrader campaign to show-case DeversiFi’s new, high-speed API through a fun twitter integration. We created 15 ‘celebrity accounts’ (well-known faces in the crypto-sphere and beyond) loaded them with real assets (ETH & USDt) and connected a sentiment analysis tool which triggered a real sell-ETH or buy-ETH function. Anyone anywhere was then …

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DeversiFi AMA w/DCInvestor in r/ethfinance

We recently joined the high quality r/ethfinance subreddit for an AMA moderated by DCinvestor. Read a digestible summary of the top questions and answers below and don’t forget to join our Telegram community for all the latest news. Let’s dive in! Background & Key Points DeversiFi 2.0 launched on June 3rd becoming a professional-grade, self-custodial …

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DeversiFi Community Update #05, Q2-2020

Welcome to the first DeversiFi community update following the launch of the scalable self-custodial DeversiFi 2.0 exchange in partnership with StarkWare just four short weeks ago. DeversiFi 2.0 Launch Recap In less than eight months, Ethfinex closed down and DeversiFi emerged, the world’s largest DAO (controlling 17,000 ETH) was launched, and only four short weeks …

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You’re automatically eligible to mint the Alpha Key if you have bridged with us any time before June 1, 2024.

It entitles you to free bridging under $100 until July 19th 2024 and big discounts for higher amounts.

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