The Linea Stampede

Join the Linea Stampede: Explore the Linea ecosystem and earn big rewards!

Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the Linea Ecosystem with the Linea Stampede, brought to you by, and an incredible lineup of 10 partner projects! This groundbreaking initiative will take you across a variety of dApps and promises to be the biggest campaign to ever launch on Linea.

About the Linea Stampede:

In case you missed out on our last campaign, over 234,500 users embarked on a thrilling adventure with us during the zkSync Era. Now, we’re gearing up for the Linea Stampede.

The Linea Stampede isn’t just about exploration and discovery – it’s also your chance to win big. We’re thrilled to announce a total prize pool of $11,000, with each participating project contributing $1,000 in stablecoins or native project tokens. You’ll also earn points on Galxe and be eligible for a whitelisted NFT minted on linea. 

Cough cough There is also the potential for not only a Linea Airdrop but also one for each partner project involved – but you didn’t hear that from us! cough cough

How to Participate:

The campaign will start on 11/08/23 15:00 BST, and end on 25/08/23 15:00 BST.This gives all users two weeks to complete the variety of tasks on each of the partner platforms. 

The full list of tasks can be found on Galxe here. By completing the tasks, you will also earn Galxe Loyalty points.

Successful completion of ALL tasks will automatically enter you into the prize draw to win a share of the $11,000 prize pool and guarantee your whitelist spot for an exclusive NFT.

We repeat you need to SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE ALL TASKS, to be eligible for the prize draw and secure your whitelist spot for the exclusive NFT.

Partial completion of the quest will reward you with the respective loyalty points ONLY. 

NFT whitelist and Prize distribution

All users that have successfully completed all of the quests, will automatically be whitelisted to receive the Limited Edition Linea Stampede NFT. NFT minting will commence on 28/08/23, and be open for two weeks. More details about this will be announced within the discord nearer the time. 

If you have successfully completed all the quests, you will also be entered into the $11,000 prize draw. will select winners at random and share the winner list with all partner projects. Partner projects will be responsible for distributing the rewards within 7 days of receiving the list. 10 Winners for each project will be picked, each receiving $100. 

How and where will I get the rewards?

Stay tuned for more updates, and pay close attention to our socials.  It’s time to stampede into the future of Linea!

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