Your New Weapon Against DeFi Complexity 🗡 SIMPLE SWAPS!

DeversiFi understands the pain of a complex, high-cost ethereum ecosystem. It’s our belief that Defi should be open to everyone, not just those who can afford it, and not just those who already have the time and experience to make the most of the generational opportunities available now.

**At launch, Simple Swaps will have ZERO fees making each swap you do completely free. In addition, DeversiFi is subsidising the cost of migrating your assets to the platform with your first $100 in trading fees removed.

We know your pain because we’ve been there, and we’ve been working on the solution for a number of years now, building an innovative, scalable platform that gives you the weapons you need to make the most of DeFi, while making it look easy.

Today DeversiFi introduces a new tool to your toolbox – SIMPLE SWAPS! This allows you to swap between any tokens listed on DeversiFi simply, instantly and without paying any damaging network fees (aside from onboarding costs).

Why Use Simple Swaps On DeversiFi?

Once you have paid gas to migrate your assets onto DeversiFi (currently called depositing in our user interface) you will be able to engage with all of our features to trade, invest, swap, and more, instantly and without paying any gas. This is what DeFi is all about – accessibility for everyone.

  • Gas-free (you only pay ethereum network fees to migrate your assets to DeversiFi)
  • Instant/near-instant transactions (no more waiting long times for transactions to complete… or fail!)
  • Easy (whether you are making a complex trade or doing a simple swap, interacting with out UI is a smooth experience)

How To Use Simple Swaps

Using the simple swap feature is easy.

  1. Head to the Swap tab
  2. Select the assets you wish to swap
  3. Input the amount you want to swap
  4. Click swap
  5. And watch your balances change instantly

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