zkSync Holiday Takeover – Bridge for free

zkSync is a top destination on rhino.fi, and for good reason. It is fast, cheap and secure with an ecosystem that’s exploding with new Dapps. Plus we hold very similar core values around trustlessness, security and self-sovereignty.

With 2024 fast approaching we thought it was only right to mark the end of the year with a big promotion that allows you to make the most of this zk-chain.

So, between the 5th of December and the 5th of January inclusive, you can enjoy a 0 protocol fee bridging when moving assets to zkSync using our super fast bridge.

How to bridge to zkSync on rhino.fi

We’ve built a collateralised bridging system which allows you to tap into our liquidity outposts on different chains. This is quicker than the traditional ‘lock-and-mint’ bridging system; in fact, it means your funds arrive in just 30 seconds.

And you can move your funds directly from any of the 13 other chains connected to rhino.fi. This includes the non-EVM chain Starknet, making it even easier for you to move your assets exactly where you need them.

Hit the button below to get started.

Exclusive NFTs

To celebrate our promotion and to help you find some of the best projects native to zkSync, we have partnered with SyncSwap, Derivio and Velocore alongside Galxe to host a multi-layered quest.

Tasks include:

  • Bridging to zkSync from any supported chain on rhino.fi
  • Checking your zkSync Activity score using our Tracker
  • Mint your own NFT on zkSync via rhino.fi
  • Swapping tokens on SyncSwap and Velocore

You’ll also earn an exclusive NFT for completing all of the tasks.

Additionally we will also be running a quest on Layer3, allowing you to earn XP and another NFT for completing the following:

  • Follow rhino.fi on Twitter
  • Bridge $25 to zkSync
  • Visit our Tracker page
  • Mint an NFT

Brand new feature

A few months ago we launched our zkSync tracker, a tool which allows you to find out how you rank on zkSync, based on volume, contract interactions etc. You can see how your activity stacks up against others exploring the ecosystem.

But for this promotion we’ve taken this tool further, you can now mint an NFT directly on zkSync through our tracker and increase your score!

And for those of you in the top 30%, there’s a limited edition NFT marking your status.

If you have any questions about our promotion or about any of our quests, don’t hesitate to reach out on Twitter or Discord. We’ll be waiting to answer you.

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