A Christmas gift from Team Rhino

We're hosting a one-off airdrop to reward our loyal community members who have helped us transform from DeversiFi into rhino.fi, the world’s best multi-chain DeFi aggregator. Check your eligibility below.

We started 2022 as a layer 2 DEX, and we end it as a fully-fledged DeFi aggregator, allowing you to explore all the best DeFi opportunities from one platform and one wallet.

Along the way, we’ve crashed through the multi-chain barrier. We’ve found a way to simplify bridges, eliminate native gas tokens and combine freedom of movement with total self-custody.

And your help has been crucial. Your feedback, and beta-testing, has allowed us to get the views of our community at each stage of our innovation.

So now we want to give back. We’re offering rewards to all those who’ve actively supported us over the past six months (since we began our revolution by changing our name to rhino.fi).

Here’s all the info you need:

How will I receive my rewards?

We’ve already crunched the numbers and sent out the rewards this morning (December 28th). If you’re eligible, simply login to your rhino.fi account and follow the claim process shown on screen.

What do you mean, ‘active’?

Active users are defined as those who have been active over four separate weeks within the last 6 months (since July 1, 2022).

What types of activity are considered valid?

All types of activity are valid! Whether you’ve swapped, traded or invested in yield opportunities, you qualify.

How are rewards paid out?

Rewards are paid in DVF, our native token. You can use DVF to trade, invest or claim governance rights over rhino.fi.

What if I’m ineligible?

Then become a rhino.fi power user so you’re eligible for the next drop! Just click below to start trading, swapping and investing across the multi-chain world, effortlessly.

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