Aluna Social (ALN) Listing on DeversiFi & ALN Airdrop

We have added Aluna Social (ALN) against USDT to the gas-free, high-speed DeversiFi exchange. In celebration, the ALN team has decided to retro-airdrop ALN to recent users of DeversiFi. Read on t....

Today, we are excited to bring an innovative and promising new token to your high-speed, gas-free DeversiFi exchange. We have added Aluna Social (ALN) against USDT. In celebration, the  ALN team has decided to retro-airdrop ALN to recent users of DeversiFi. Read on to learn more 👇👇👇

Two awesome things are happening today.

First, we have listed ALN against USDT on DeversiFi.

If you don’t know already, DeversiFi is a Layer-2 exchange that lets you swap, send and lend near-instantly and without paying any gas fees. DeversiFi is your tool to succeed on your DeFi journey.

And second, along with this listing the Aluna Social team have decided to gift an airdrop to active DeversiFi users symbolising a connection between both communities.

$20 in ALN tokens will be sent to a selection of addresses that have traded more than $5000 volume on DeversiFi in the last 14 days.

All airdropped ALN tokens will appear within your DeversiFi trading account and will be available to trade on the new ALN market or withdrawn to be used on Aluna Social.


What is Aluna Social?

In short, Aluna Social is a social network for cryptocurrency traders allowing you to connect with others, connect your exchange accounts to monitor your positions and track your portfolio across multiple exchanges, copy other traders based on their trading performance, view the best and worst trades, and much more.

Aluna Social is an innovation in the user experience of DeFi trading, offering an array of enjoyable, useful and easy to use tools and features you can harness to improve your trading and grow your network.

Check out the links below to learn more about Aluna Social.  









We will be hosting an AMA tomorrow in our Discord community where you will be able to ask the ALN team any questions you have, or simply say thanks for the airdrop!

Make sure to join, show your support and get involved!

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