Coinbase Wallet now LIVE on DeversiFi

Coinbase is a global entry-point to crypto. This centralised exchange has over 89 million verified users in more than 100 countries and is famed for its simple, accessible design.

One of Coinbase’s most popular features is its companion wallet, which allows users to trade, swap and invest hundreds of thousands of currencies. And now these same users can access gas-free trading on layer 2, thanks to DeversiFi’s brand-new integration.

This marks another step towards the universal adoption of DeFi. By allowing millions of people to access trading opportunities off the main Ethereum blockchain, we can accelerate the growth of virtual currencies and usher in the second wave of crypto, without pointless charges or frustrating transactions. 

The benefits of this integration


For Coinbase Wallet users

Coinbase is designed for beginners, with a range of features that appeal to first-timers. Users can buy crypto with credit or debit cards and they can even make withdrawals using PayPal.

The integration with DeversiFi takes this a step further. As well as benefiting from the simplicity of Coinbase, wallet users can now go to layer 2 and enjoy:

  • Freedom from gas fees. Because DeversiFi is hosted off layer 1, we don’t need to charge the exorbitant trading fees. For users, this can create savings worth hundreds of dollars on everyday swaps and trades.
  • Move to different ecosystems. We’ve built bridges and integrations to ecosystems like Polygon and Arbitrum, so users can navigate the entire DeFi world from our exchange.
  • Governance rights. Users can use the assets they’ve earned on Coinbase to acquire governance tokens on DeversiFi, giving them a say in the future direction of our protocol.

For DeversiFi


Our mission is to build a world without gas. 

We want to take DeFi mainstream, because the benefits  – the democracy, the transparency, the speed and, of course, the freedom from fees – can touch every corner of the world.

So it’s a pleasure to integrate wallets such as Coinbase, which will bring a huge influx of new users. Of course, this is great news for DeversiFi and will hugely increase our own userbase. However, it’s also a big deal for DeFi as a whole.

Many Coinbase Wallet-holders will be new to crypto, and it’s particularly exciting to welcome them to our exchange. DeFi is designed for everyone – all ages, all wealth brackets and all experience levels. This integration is another brick in the wall.


How to connect a Coinbase Wallet to DeversiFi



  1.  Open the DeversiFi app and click the ‘Connect Wallet’ icon in the top-right corner.

2. Select ‘Coinbase Wallet’.

3. If you have the Coinbase Wallet extension installed on your browser, you will receive a pop-up notification about the connection. If you don’t, you will be redirected to the main page on Coinbase  to download the extension.

Now you simply need to sign two notifications to create an account on our platform, and you’re ready to go!


  1. Go to the DeversiFi app and select ‘Coinbase Wallet’ (note: if you already have the wallet, you’ll be directed to the browser. If you don’t, you’ll be directed to the App Store/Google Play store to download it).

2. Now, you need to select Coinbase Wallet from the wallet connection pop-up and sign two messages. That’s it!

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