DeversiFi Becomes More Transparent! 🔎 ✅

We continue to roll out improvements and new features behind the scenes on a weekly basis, but a recent addition is far more noticeable – the inclusion of an account history tab. We have received a lot of feedback from users wanting to better understand their activity on DeversiFi, so rather than stuff a couple more bells or whistles on the existing widget, our UI gurus have created a beautiful new section on the platform 👇

New account history tab on DeversiFi

From here users can see much more clearly their historic activity across trading, swapping and L2 transfers. In the future, this feature will show all the other exciting features we have in the pipeline.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve received a lot of requests to integrate better with existing third party services, however this is something which up until now was difficult given our entirely key-pair based API authentication mechanism.

REST calls are ubiquitous in the modern web, however signing transactions from a key pair has been poorly supported by most web services up until now. More concerningly, to allow a third party to authenticate on your behalf to DeversiFi would require them to have access to your signing key – quite literally giving unknown third parties the keys to the proverbial kingdom.

Public API options

To solve this problem, last week we added two new APIs to allow the direct querying of the trade history (publicTradeHistory) and token balances (getBalanceForUser) of an ETH address on L2 without needing to sign the request. Privacy is important to us at DeversiFi, so these new APIs while public, are opt-in and can be enabled individually on the Account tab.

As always feedback is important to us, so please consider joining our Discord or pinging us on Twitter to let us know your thoughts and feature requests!

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