Layer-2 Pepe NFT Giveaway

In celebration of the incredible growth of Layer 2 Ethereum, DeversiFi is giving away limited-edition NFTs to users who have complet...

Unless you have been sleeping for the past six months, you will know that Layer-2 is an even more key part of the Ethereum scaling roadmap than before. You can read more about the ‘rollup-centric’ roadmap for Ethereum from Vitalik here

To celebrate Layer-2’s growth we are giving away a series of limited edition NFTs that act as a symbol and immutable moment of your Layer-2 early adopter status – we salute you.

How can I win a Layer-2 Pepe NFT?

Each week 5 limited edition Layer-2 Pepe NFTs will be up for grabs for community members who have made the jump to layer 2-in some form. It may be that you have joined the DeversiFi Discord community or that you have made a swap on the DeversiFi DEX. Each week there will be a fun and new challenge which will enter you into each draw to win Layer-2 Pepes.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see how to enter the first week’s competition.

Only 100 Layer-2 Pepes will ever be minted, each with a unique serial number

  • Serial numbers 1-15 are reserved for those who have supported DeversiFi since launch.
  • Serial number 16-100 are community Layer-2 Pepes and are up for grabs in the weekly draws.
  • 5 Pepes will be given away each week until all 100 are gone!

The official Layer-2 Pepe collection can be viewed on OpenSea here. Be aware of scammers trying to issue face versions.

The Pepe Graphics have been designed by the amazing artist collective known as Animus

Week 1 Challenge

Date: Friday 19th March 12:00 pm UTC – Friday 26th March 12:00 pm UTC

  1. Follow the DeversiFi twitter account
  2. Like and retweet this twitter post with the hashtag #LayerTwoPepe

Winners will be picked and announced shortly after the closing date. If you are picked as a winner you will need to DM the DeversiFi Twitter account with your Ethereum address so that we can transfer your Layer-2 Pepe!

Week 2 Challenge

This weeks challenge has NOW BEGUN (as of 26.03.2021). This is the final challenge before we step things up a notch. Get in while it’s easy!

1️⃣ Like this tweet
2️⃣ Retweet with #LayerTwoPepe
3️⃣ Join our Discord 👇

Let’s rock and roll!

Week 3 Challenge

Coming SoonTM

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