Why our new rewards programme is like nothing you’ve seen on layer 2 before

UPDATE: DeversiFi has closed its trading rewards programme, effective Monday May 16, 2022 at 00.01 GMT+1.

We have closed the trading rewards programme with a view to creating a better rewards structure for our entire community, and we will be rolling out new initiatives in the coming weeks.

Further information on the liquidity part of our rewards programme will be provided in due course.

On December 1, we went live with our first-ever rewards programme, offering DVF tokens to our loyal community.

Big deal, you might think: another layer 2 startup offering incentives to grow their platform and build trading activity.

But, if it’s not too boastful to say so, our rewards programme is different from anything that’s gone down on L2 in the past. It’s genuinely universal, it pays out quickly and it’ll actually give you a stake in the long-term governance of the platform.

In this post, we’ll summarise the programme. As a TL;DR, this is what you can expect to find out.

  1. This rewards programme is great.
  2. You can get involved instantly, no matter who you are.
  3. You NEED to seize this opportunity asafp (the f is for ‘freakin’, by the way).

The structure of the programme


The main takeaway, for now at least, is that we’re rewarding users simply for trading on our platform. No matter the size of your trade (or swap) you’ll be eligible for a share of your overall fees, paid back to you in DVF tokens.

But we’re going way further than that. In fact, we’re about to go live with a brand-new programme of AMM liquidity pools. For the uninitiated, these are community-funded trading pools which will support an instant trading technology known as automated market makers (or AMMs).

Anyone can stake their tokens in our pools and receive both DVF and APY interest yields for doing so.

The rewards


DVF is our native governance token, and each one represents a chunk of DeversiFi’s future.

Sounds like a cheesy marketing tagline, right? Well actually it’s 100% legit. You can stake your token to claim voting rights in the DeversiFi DAO, which means you can vote on all our big (and small) issues. We’re talking changes to our protocol, the way our treasury operates and the way future rewards programmes are structured. You can even pitch your own changes, too. Learn more about governance here.

So as well as using your tokens to trade, you’ll be able to govern the path of DeversiFi, and build a DeFi platform the way you want it.

The speed


Every seven days, our rewards programme will reset and traders will receive a fresh payout.

The objectives


Of course, we want to reward the people who put their faith in us and layer 2. And we want to share control of our platform across the community.

But our biggest motivation for launching the rewards programme is to build a self-sustaining trading platform. We’ve already got 3800 active accounts and we want to go into warp speed, so we reach critical mass as soon as we can. Many traders are still getting used to the idea of layer 2, so we hope this rewards programme provides the incentive they need.

Ok, so now you’ve read all about our rewards programme, what are you waiting for? Head over to the DeversiFi exchange to begin trading.

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