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A Christmas gift from Team Rhino

We’re hosting a one-off airdrop to reward our loyal community members who have helped us transform from DeversiFi into rhino.fi, the world’s best multi-chain DeFi aggregator. Check your eligibility below.

How we stampeded through 2022

Every revolutionary project has a transformative year. Google’s came in 1996 when they changed their name from the slightly less catchy ‘BackRub’ (yep, that was the 1.0). Facebook’s came in 2003, when Zuck decided to build a genuine social network and not a platform for Harvard students to pass  ‘hot or not’ judgements about their …

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rhino.fi has taken another giant step forward as a DeFi aggregator by adding Arbitrum

Announcing Arbitrum on rhino.fi

We’ve just added Arbitrum into our multi-chain galaxy, meaning you can access the chain’s hottest tokens without having to go searching. And we’ve managed to open the gateway in just seven days, another giant step in our evolution as a multi-chain DeFi aggregator.

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